The Best Time For Love Making

The other day my friend Whitney, approached me and asked:

“Irene, what are the best time for love making?”

I answered with a question: “Why are you eager to know?”

“My husband and I are having intimacy problems. I don’t reach an orgasm and he ejaculates within 2 just minutes. The worst of all is that we hardly have time for sex. Both of us are busy with work in the office. When we reach home in the evening, we are exhausted and sleep immediately after dinner. No one is in the mood for sex.”

I replied only with a sweet smile.

Why are you smiling and I am having a problem that threatens my marriage?” She asked.

“My smile is for the reason that I will provide you with solutions to your problem.” I replied. “Whitney, for you to have a great sex life, you have to be turned on by either listening to a romantic music that has sweet lyrics to the ear. When you wake up in the morning, start the day with a great sex, this gives the day a good healthy start. After a deep sleep, refresh the body by taking a shower and then make love with your loving husband”.

When I finished, Whitney was grateful to me and she practiced all the information I gave her. One month later, she was contented with the results and their love bond got stronger. My point is that good timing for sex is important in a healthy relationship.

What is the right time for romance?

In the morning – You have slept the whole night peacefully. When you wake up, romance your partner. Kiss, touch, feel and talk dirty on the ears to turn the body on. Health benefits so much from morning love making.

When you are turned on – Your body talks to you. The feeling is sweet. The brain is prepared. The body is on fire and your partner is relaxing by your side. Stop waiting to be overwhelmed. Grab your spouse near your chest and let the game start!

After a good sleep – When you are awake from sleep, you feel relaxed. The mind is peaceful. The music is soothing in the bedroom. Just, send signals to your spouse with your beautiful sexy eyes. The respond you will get is positive and the sex game starts.

After a shower – From work, you are exhausted and have a shower to refresh the body. All the dirt is gone. The body is clean and all you want is love making. Start the sexy moves and turn on your partner. The final result is sweet romance.

During a weekend date – You are busy with work always during the week. When weekend approaches, plan to go on a date with your partner and spend quality time together. This strengthens the relationship bond between the two of you. It helps the two of you to know each other better.

When all that you want is an awesome orgasm – It is long since you had an orgasm. When the body is turned on, start the game of romance with your love partner. Touch your woman where she wants, talk dirty on her ears, kiss passionately and feel the romance. Let the eyes and the bodies speak for themselves. She will definitely cum when you start pushing in and out.

Finally, I explained to her that if there is trouble in the “male size” department, there are solutions these days that can fix that, and pointed her to website.


Know how to time the best time for love making. Good timing improves the overall health. This results from morning sex. For a strong bond in the relationship, do the math and time well. Good love making makes marriages lasts longer, so don’t undermine sex in the marriage. It is important for both of you. Use the above points to enhance your sex life.

5 Simple Tips To Get Your Ex Back

Have you been wondering from place to place searching for the best hints to get back your ex? Are you looking for top-notch tips that can ginger toward getting your ex back? Well, if all these questions have been creating a problem on your mind, then you have landed on the right page. Breakup can be something disheartening and painful, but there is a hope after reading this content. With the right techniques and applications, you are sure to get your ex back easily. More info here:

#1 Reduce Communication

Whenever there is a breakup, both love birds often try to send a lot of emails and calls. Well, it is expedient to listen to this little advice. It is better to limit calls and emails. If your attempt is to send emails and calls immediately after the breakup, chances are that your ex goes farther away during the process. On this note, it is a good idea to leave your ex for some time. Allow your ex to carefully ponder on the issue before making calls or sending emails. This will help you to reschedule on the best plan to get your ex back.

#2 Apply Your Intuition

After a breakup, you may find so many people becoming highly emotional. Though, it is painful and something unbearable. To get your ex back, you have to think logically. You will have to use your head in order not to fall into the same scenario of the past. You can focus on a logical plan and never allow your emotions to be the rule of the day.

#3 Keep Fit And Be Strong

It is important for you to keep fit after any breakup. You have to make your mind and head free from unnecessary thinking. It is a difficult thing to experience breakup, but that does not mean you should remain in a confinement. The secret is that you have to always think logically to get back your ex. Instead to remain is a state of hypochondria, it is expedient to cheer up with friends and always be happy. Once your ex discovers that you are happy, there is every possibility to come back.

#4 Never Beg

It is not a good idea to beg your ex after any breakup. Studies have shown that people who are needy get little or no consideration. For this reason, avoid the idea of begging if you want back your ex.

#5 Be Ready To Make A Change

One of the main factors that guide a relationship is change for the best. You should be ready to make a change when planning to get back your ex.

Magnetic Text Messages

You can comfortably open woman’s mind filling it with lots of emotions by just sending magnetic text messages.Getting attracted to a female is hard work but keeping this attraction is very difficult. A lot of guys out there fail to succeed getting attraction from beautiful girls.

A good deal of information is available, to help overcome this problem but, most of the time it proves to be unrealistic or hard to adopt in real life situation. Nevertheless, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge developed a program called magnetic messaging which is so effective. They designed it especially for guys who aim to increase their potential of getting ladies through texting. It is so comprehensive such that, it educates step –by-step the road towards maximizing their potential highlighting grievous mistakes that they commonly do. Magnetic texting have helped a lot of guys to have control over their girlfriends.

magnetic text messages

magnetic text messages

Magnetic texting work in a series of three texts

  • Magnetic Text Messages One:

The three magnetic texting have their functions and benefits. You can’t skip any of them. There is temptation to ignore one or two but once you do, forget the results. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Most guys send numerous text messages but sending emotional message isn’t one of them. This is what the first magnetic texting is all about. Essentially, emotional stuff such as romantic stories reveals hidden emotions in the woman’s body and now you can use them in your favor.

  • Magnetic Text Messages Two:

This is the point where you turn the revealed emotions into your favor. You can fake some too and make her feel that you have a connection. Make her feel special from the many other contacts you have saved in you contact list. Avoid generic texts while using this tactic because they eat away the attention you had achieved and sends you back to square one. Magnetic texting requires you to learn how to create proper emotional texts.

  • Magnetic Text Messages Three:

The third magnetic texting entails you getting into her mind and making her realize the similarities you both share. Sooner, she starts realizing them and gives you the attention you deserve.It needs you to use a combination of the romantic and sweet memories as well as the emotions.

A man’s life becomes fully complete when he can comfortably date the girl of her choice. We are always hunting such a girl and once we find her, we run out of ideas on where to start. Text messages are so close to human being and when you have a compact plan to grab a girl’s attention, use magnetic text messages.

Easy Way to Improve Testosterone Level with Food

Most of you must be understood that testosterone is one important hormone for men. It is not only important for improving your muscle, but it is also important thing for supporting your manhood capability.

Research has found that the bigger testosterone level you have inside of your body will influence your manhood capability. That is why; many men wonder and try many solutions to improve their testosterone level.

Unfortunately, many of them are trying false methods. For you who want to improve your testosterone level, we will show you the easy and safety way to do it with consuming proper food.

6 Foods That Able to Improve Your Testosterone Level Safely

6 foods to increase testosteroneIf your goal is for improving testosterone level inside of your body, then you need to do it with safe way like consuming proper food.

Here are some foods that have proven able to improve your testosterone level if you consume it frequently:

  • Grape

Yes, grape is one kind of fruit that is able to improve your testosterone level if you consume it frequently.  The reason why grape is having capability to improve your testosterone level is that it has resveratrol substance.

  • Tuna

A university in Austria has found that tuna is having really huge vitamin D. the vitamin D inside of tuna is able to improve testosterone level up to 90%. It is better than you consume any chemical substance.

  • Avocado

Avocado is the other fruit that can help improving your testosterone level naturally beside of grape. However, avocado is also great enough to reduce your LDL cholesterol.

  • Pomegranate

For you who are having problem with your manhood capability, we suggest you to try consuming pomegranate frequently. It is because many men who are having problem with their manhood capability have tried it.

Most of them have successfully recovered their manhood capability again after consuming pomegranate. However, if you want to get more manhood capability, you can train your vital organ too with using special device.

If you want to know about what kind of special device that you can use, you can read more on

  • Garlic

Yes, even garlic is having inconvenient smell, but it is concealing huge benefit. Garlic is having special substance that called with allicin. Allicin is special substance that can reduce the cortisol hormone. When cortisol hormone is reduced, the testosterone hormone will be increased.

  • Honey

For many decades, people have understood that honey is having many benefits for our health. One kind of benefit that you can get from honey is improving your testosterone level.

Consuming honey frequently is able to improve your testosterone level because it has boron substance. Boron substance is special substance, which can improve your testosterone level up to 50%.

Beside of that, honey is also having nitrate oxide that is important to boost your energy. That is why, it is also good enough to consume by people who frequently do exercise to build their muscle.

If you can improve your testosterone level just with consuming those simple foods, why you should use many dangerous methods?

Four Tips for Talking to Girls.

Talking to a girl and actually getting her interested in what you have to say is one of the most crucial elements of attraction and getting your next date. You need to know exactly what to say to her so you can get her to like you. Here are four tips to help you achieve just that.

The first tip is “presence”: The second you start talking to her, you have to be present in the moment. Don’t think about what’s going on inside of your head or else you’re going to lose the ability to continue talking to her. Instead, listen to her so you’ll know exactly what to say next in the flow of the conversation. Remaining present will help you push the conversation along as well as keep the anxiety levels down. It’s also going to help you portray way more confidence. So for you, it’s a win-win.

Tip two – Know a little bit about everything: The more involved you are in day-to-day activities, and the more knowledge you have, the more you’ll have to talk about. A great resource to help you with keeping the conversation going is a guide called Conversation Escalation. One of the most amazing conversations that I ever had was talking to the same person for hours about anything. You connect easier and you appear way more interesting than the next guy who has nothing to say.

Tip three – Be unpredictable: Every guy is talking about the same boring stuff with girls; “what do you do?” “Where are you from?” Instead, try and be more creative. Talk about subjects that don’t usually come up in conversation. Like a fun story from your past or like why Fiji is the best vacation spot that you can ever go to, or why snickers is the number one candy bar of all time. You get the point; there’s countless stuff you can talk about outside of the boring norm.

Tip four – Body Language: Ninety three percent of all communication is nonverbal. What this means is that it is done through body language. When you’re talking to a girl, you’re going to be more connected to her and she’s going to be more interested in you when you know how to physically present yourself. The biggest tip you can ever get with regards to this stuff is to hold strong eye contact during every conversation that you ever have with a girl. When you’re talking focus on looking into her eyes so she can connect with every word that comes out of your mouth.

There you have it, for more tips and advice on this subject, check out the guide mentioned and linked to above.

The Purpose of a Pickup Line

The purpose of a pickup line is often mistaken. In addition to the opener, what matters a lot is what comes immediately after the opener. If for instance you said something really witty and just went silent and she didn’t necessarily respond, now the set and interaction is dead. On the other hand, if you just said “hi” and then you continued talking and filling in the silence with something pretty decent and conversational, then things are going to go really well.

The big thing to realize here is to know what the purpose of an open is. Well, it’s very simple; it’s just to open and get the conversation going. No girl is going to drop her panties for you just because you said that one witty thing to her. Getting her to sleep with you is going to be more based on what you do over a period of probably a few hours or even a few dates or a few days; not what you used as a pickup line. All a pickup line does is to get you in and get you started. From there, it’s on you to be a cool guy and the type that is naturally attractive to women so that she can like you. So if you’re trying to do too much on the opener, you’re automatically going to convey neediness and come across as a desperate guy that’s trying too hard. And this by the way is one the least attractive traits you can convey that naturally repels women.

The biggest thing on an open is just to get the conversation started. Something that will really help you is to try and make small talk sexy. With that said that, there are a few things that are necessary to get a conversation going. First, you probably need to be loud enough in order for her to hear you. A lot of guys are very nervous on the open. A lot of guys are embarrassed about the idea of approaching a girl especially if they are in a crowd of people. So they’ll go over and be like “Hi, How are you?” in a very soft and low voice. What that conveys to the girl, is that you are afraid of being seen doing what you are doing. The types of things that people are afraid of being seen doing is things that are illegal, morally wrong or like deviant. So the fact that you go up to a girl and speak in such a soft borderline whispery kind of voice makes it seem like everyone around should judge you negatively. This does not exactly set up the tone for a successful interaction with her.

Four Great Tips for Texting a Girl You’re Interested in.

In this short article, I’m going to share a few tips on how to text a girl you like. If you don’t know some of the rules for texting girls, then you might quickly blow it with a woman that previously liked you. Here are the best four rules to follow.

First and foremost, be inconsistent with your messages. Women chase after men that they can’t figure out. If you always text a girl back right after she messages, then you become boring and predictable. However, if you are sporadic and she is never quite certain when your next message is going to come, she’ll find herself waiting for them. When I first started dating my girlfriend, she told me that she usually used to constantly check her phone to see if I texted her. She couldn’t concentrate at work because she was always wondering if I had returned her text message. That is how to text a girl in a way that captures her attention and gets her mind glued on you.

The second rule: Always appear to be having a good time. It is important that whenever she gets a text message from you, it comes as a welcome message. This means you should always seem happy, fun and upbeat in your messages to her. Avoid complaining, seeming bored, tired or uninteresting. Instead, act as if whatever you are currently doing is the most fun you could possibly be having. This will make her associate you with good times.

Tip number three: Keep your messages short and flirtatious. Don’t make the mistake of trying to write her your life story in the text message. Instead, keep the messages short and to the point. Make them fun. By doing this they become something that she will enjoy getting from you. You can do this by teasing her, saying funny things or just keeping an overall flirtatious humor. If you aren’t sure of what sort of lines count as flirting, then check out the magnetic messaging pdf. It will show you all kinds of ways to text a girl in a way that keeps the vibe fun.

Last rule but not the least: Use texts simply just to get her in your mind. Let’s face it; the more a girl thinks about you, the more likely it is that she’ll convince herself that she likes you. This is why it is great to use messages as a way to get you into her mind. This means that you can send random text messages throughout the week. Each message should bring positive associations with you in her mind. However, don’t feel the need to respond when she writes you back. Remember, you need to be sporadic with your texts. That’s the right way to text a girl.

Well, that’s the four for now. Hopefully you’ll find them useful.

How to attract men responsibly – 3 random tips

Many ladies of today don’t have a clue how to attract men in a moral manner; this has led to all sort of unethical behaviors which you can spot around. The psychology of a man and a woman have completely different configurations, learning about what men expect from a lady will take you a long way to attract the right man. It’s an obvious factor that men often don’t like an easy prey or easy to get lady, they consider it as a very loose or cheap person not worth their taste. But there are a number of traits that can easily make you work your ways to his heart in real time; firstly, men are visual creatures so it means the very immediate attraction is the looks, enhanced looks, smiling face and generally somebody friendly to be around with will work miracles here. Here are some main tips of how you can attract men as social friends, boyfriend or for a lifetime relationship.

Wear a pheromone perfume

Do you really want attention from a man? If the answer is “Yes”, then we recommend you to wear pheromone perfume as with it the chance to look more attractive in man’s eyes is way bigger. Pheromones are invisible chemical particles, which are secreted from different areas of the skin. They play an important role in the relationship between men and women. Nowadays cosmetic companies manufacture these chemical compounds, which work the same as the ones made by the human body.  You can stumble upon 2 types on the market – pheromone perfumes for women that attract men and colognes for men that attract women.

Play woman that is hard to get

Playing hard to get is an old adage which has been practiced from time immemorial to date, it has never gone out of fashion though it becomes more unique as time passes. I mean you have to play hard but with wisdom and practical sense of the word, someone who is too obviously got will never be attractive at all. Most men find such a woman to be outdated and unattractive at all, so try the much you can to be a bit harder to get by. Stick to your principles such that any playboy shouldn’t play on you anytime. By appearing to be an easy prey or desperate for that matter, this will only make Mr. Right to be elusive every day. The thrill of a hard chase makes a man feels to have achieved something once he get you.

Be Mysterious and don’t be too obvious

Be unique and mysterious ,anything too obvious loses it taste very fast, let him be in a state of ever guessing what may happen next let nothing about you be over exposed. Be careful and ever weigh your words all the times you are with a man even through phone calls, don’t reveal much about yourself too soon or at the slightest provocation. If you are the type of a lady who talks too much without limitations, then you will find yourself pushing any man who could be interested out. Try to be very moderate and economical with your secrets and whereabouts. Too much availability also is known to cause contempt in the long run, let him always try to wonder where you could be or why you are ever rare.

Vydox Supplement – To Save Your Testosterone Levels

When we men get older our testosterone levels starts to decrease in such a degree that it starts to become difficult to do our daily duties. Not only will low testosterone levels have an impact on our sex life. Our working life and spare time will be affected too. Testosterone is the most important male hormone you have. It is responsible for a lot of things from making sure you are not gaining weight to making sure you can produce children.

Vydox a For Men Only Supplement

Vydox is a “for men only” supplement that naturally can help you to improve your testosterone levels so you once again will be able to carry out a lot of our daily duties. It is important that these improvement does not happen from one day to another but will keep improving over time as long as you are taking Vydox. You need to remember testosterone levels and to raise them is a complicated process that will take a little time. But gradually you will start to feel all the benefits and the once to be difficult daily duties will start to become much easier.

Improve Your Bed Performance with Vydox

There is nothing worse than not being able to perform in bed with your partner. Not being able to get it up because the stamina and libido is not there. Not only does it has an impact on our self-esteem it can also create problems in our relationship. A lot of men experienced these issues seems to isolate themselves after these types of breakfast. With no reason because you should still live your live and move on, find a new partner etc. Here a supplement like Vydox can really help you because you will not get stucked, not being able to perform. Vydox can really boost your self-esteem on these matters.

Boost Your Focus and Concentration at Work

When it comes to your working life and career Vydox can be a great help as well. When you get older and your testosterone levels starts to decrease you will not have the same concentration and focus anymore at your work. Perhaps your career are being jeopardized because somebody younger than you are ready to take over your job, and is just ready to go for the kill. When you take a supplement like Vydox you will get that concentration and focus back. This means it will be easier for you to take care of your job and to avoid someone pushing you out.

Vydox get a free trial

Get More Energy With Vydox

Also if you are already doing a great job but want to go up the career latter Vydox can be the supplement that will boost your energy levels so you will have enough stamina to do what is needed to make a good impression on your boss. Here we are talking about real energy and stamina, not the type of energy that you can boost up with a strong cup of coffee or caffeine rich soft drinks.

Dealing with a Woman’s Congruence Test

When women are sizing up their potential suitors, there are a lot tests that they use to pre-screen these guys. One of them is what I refer to as a congruence test which they will often use to see if the behavior you initially portray is congruent with the person you really are of if you’re just putting on a temporary act in an effort to impress her.

A great example of the congruence test is when a woman insults you to see if you’re confident. It can take a little bit more time and practice to properly navigate this kind of test. After you’ve been insulted, instead of responding by saying “why did you say that?” or “that’s really mean” or even worse – insulting her back, what you should do is something called plowing.

Plowing is essentially when you completely ignore whatever it is that she just said and continue talking as if nothing happened. This works about 70% of the time and there are some other techniques that work a little bit more of the time but they are a little bit more complicated. You can find them carefully explained and in the tao of badass ebook.

So for now, here’s the best way to get over a woman’s congruence test if she is insulting you. Let’s say she says something like… “That’s a really stupid shirt” or “Why did you buy that? I can’t believe you wore it here.” What I want you to do is pretend as if she had said nothing at all. Now I don’t mean look down for a second and then look up and say a non-sequitur. I don’t mean sit there and stare for minute and then stutter and go “uhhhh… anyway.” What I do mean is that you continue as if she had never said a word. Usually what happens is that she will just give up being insulting and she won’t try to do that anymore since she can’t really get a reaction out of you. Not only is that unpleasant but it’s rather annoying; you want her to definitely stop doing that in general. Usually, women who are very confident in themselves will not do this to begin with. However, if they do, it’s typically a good thing to a certain extent because it shows that she thinks you’re confident and she’s picking up on the fact that you’re portraying confidence. In return, some women will test you to see if you’re faking it or if it’s real.